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Aloe Gel-1.jpg

Aloe Gel

QAR 51

Aloe vera gel is a nourishing non-greasy formula for the whole body. This gel moisturizes and smoothens the skin. Prevents wrinkles and protect your skin from sunburn.

Hair Conditioner-1.jpg

Hair Conditioner

QAR 33

Natural formula that nourishes dry, rough and damaged hair. It makes hair manageable and retains natural oils. It also strengthens roots, leaves hair glossy and smooth. Balanced conditioning that keeps strands soft, smooth and tangle free.

virgin coconut oil1.jpg

Virgin Cocounut Oil

QAR 37

Help boost and regulate your metabolism, keeps skin smooth & healthy. It helps improve skin, hair and nails due to its moisturizing. The herbal blend rich in Vitamin A, D, K, E acts as a good moisturizer which prevents dryness, scaling and flaking of skin.

Herbal Body Lotion-1.jpg

Herbal Body Lotion

QAR 40

A nourishing formula with vital natural ingredients to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. Make skin soft and supple.

holi basil 3.jpg

Holy Basil Essential Oil

QAR 34

Tulsi also was known as Holy Basil has traditionally been used to support immunity, stress response and to support the body's natural detoxification process. Tulsi oil has a sharp and fresh, sweet-spicy, herbaceous-minty, licorice-like fragrance.

Herbal Hair Wash-1-2.jpg

Herbal Hair Wash

QAR 40

Formulated with ancient herbs well known for restorative properties, this herbal shampoo helps strengthen hair root & prevents hair loss. This shampoo disinfects the scalp, improves blood circulation.

eladi creme 1.jpg

Eladi Cream

QAR 65

Treasured for its blemish-removing properties, this cream frees the skin from dark spots, itching, rashes, irritations, pigmentation marks & leaves a glowing skin & radiant aura.

natural face pack.jpg

Natural Face Pack

QAR 43

Removes dead cells, Revitalize and rejuvenates the skin. Brightens up complexion.

foot care massage oil.jpg

Foot Care Massage Oil

QAR 42

A deep enriching blend of 100% pure cold-pressed a virgin coconut oil and exotic aroma oils that relaxes your feet and makes it soft and supple.

Herbal Face Wash-1.jpg

Herbal Face Wash

QAR 40

Keeps the skin moisturized & fresh. Enriched with herbal extracts which promote gentle and nourishing care for a clear, healthy and a younger looking facial skin. Cleanses skin of all impurities without drying the skin.

Refreshing Shower Gel-1-2.jpg

Refreshing Shower Gel

QAR 43

Refreshing shower gel is a perfect blend of herbal ingredients to clean and energise your skin.

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