About Us

Ayurveda Physiotherapy is the most recent venture of the already established in education, hospitality and energy - Loydence Group. The Ayurveda clinic was founded in the state of Qatar and it is proudly the first ever Ayurvedic clinic on its territory. Ayurveda Physiotherapy has been brought into existence with the vital purpose of loyally serving the people of Qatar by providing local women with easy access to all benefits that alternative medicine has to offer.


In our center we offer you all the ancient traditional methods of treatment widely practiced in Kerala (India). In Loydence Ayurveda Physiotherapy Center we incorporate Traditional Ayurveda Treatment with modern Physiotherapy for better results.


Specialty of our center is the relaxing ambiance with calm environment which gives you a homely feeling rather than a hospital atmosphere. The qualified, well experienced and sincere staffs from India are our assets.


We focus on eliminating deep rooted toxins from the body that get accumulated due to unhealthy life style. This helps in restoring energy and rejuvenating your body by accelerating the blood circulation. This method makes you energetic, younger and vibrant throughout.


Since we give priority to your privacy we have separated male / female section with ample car parking.

Loydence Group is among the fastest growing conglomerates based in the politically and economically stable Qatar. The group is reputed for ensuring rapid regulatory approvals and timely project completions. Loydence serves a global clientele spread across the United Kingdom, Middle East and other international locations. 

Loydence maintains a strong and ever expanding presence in critical economic sectors such as Energy, Education, Real Estate, Health & Wellness,